Title: Who Are You ?



Rocco Campanella

The story line is about a young woman's adjustment to 'end of the world as we know it'.  There is plenty of high action set amongst a backdrop of metaphysical events.  The story starts at the very edge of society on the verge of collapse then propels the reader into the reality of attempting to adjust to a life style without modern conveniences such as electricity and easy access to food and shelter.  However, it is not just a collection of mundane events.  The story line also addresses the existential questions regarding our very existence.  This takes the reader down a metaphysical path which includes extraterrestrials, angels and demons. 

The original story idea was first started in the late 1970s. However, after a few chapters it laid dormant for many years until the idea resurfaced in the mid 90s when Jill and I were living in an RV traveling around the Rockies. It was fun to write and much of it was done while hooked up to a generator while parked on BLM land in Quartzsite Arizona. It was a magical time for us, and we used the story to express who we are and our personal beliefs. And of course we put ourselves in the story under the names of Molly and Gaf.

Somewhat like Alice in Wonderland many of us have difficulty in pinning down just who we are. As is often the case, who we are seems to get caught up in the labels of what we do or how we see ourself, such as mother, surgeon, father, son, student, fat, pretty, weak etc.

Labels are learned and become part of our belief system. Whether they are positive or negative, they limit exploration of the self because they keep us focused on the illusion of the label. Science and religion provide a large part of the labels we use.

Religious 'labels' establish the self as something created by a god. The created Self is eternal and exists beyond the death of the physical body. After death of the body the Self as Spirit is under control of the creator deity, ergo we have limited control of the spiritual self. Science 'labels' establish that the physical self can only be altered by physical means such as medicine and or surgery, ergo we have limited control of the physical self.

The search for Self, who you are, starts with relinquishing those labels that impede self exploration.

Jill passed over the veil on 12/21/2011. She was a wonderful lady who had herself delved into the mysteries of the metaphysical.  She was an ardent believer in the concept that we create our own reality and that all conclusions are valid even those that contradict each other.  She was very soft spoken and had a calming affect on everyone.  Her energy was much like that of a soothing breeze that follows a summer shower. 

Jill now continues her adventure.