Last Thoughts As A Human

We most certainly live in interesting times. There is never a day that goes by without some news of floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, metropolis mayhem, wars, financial meltdown, etc.. But if you are lucky enough to escape these disasters you have some time left to enjoy the ‘Now’. What will you do before your time is up? And of course your time is limited. Death can strike at any moment, without notice, without regard to your, age, social status or how much money you earn. Even the most wealthy corporate executive may suddenly drop dead while planning his or her latest financial scheme. Maybe you are a teenager that just left for school on the heels of a terrible argument with your mom. Or possibly your a mom packing school lunches and worried about juggling household finances. Are you right now ready for death? Have you said and done everything you can so that you leave this world with a smile on your lips? What is the last thought your friends and family have of you as you drop to the floor?

There are very few individuals who actually have control over world events. Most of us simply wander around in a mist of quiet desperation hoping that our family and friends will remain safe. But what if something happens to one of them? Are you secure within yourself to say that the last words off your lips to him or her was a message of love? Or was it in fact a message coming from your ego out of control?

Too often we forget those things in life that are really important. We become overwhelmed by life events and allow our thoughts to remain focused on pointless details. When your child leaves for school, were they reminded of how much you love them? When your grandmother calls, are you so taken up with the distractions of life that you rush the conversation and forget to say “I love you”?
Our culture teaches us such things as how to get stressed, how to get a job, how to get a great education, or how to be a good citizen, but never does it teach us what is truly meaningful in this life: letting others know that we do love them. How odd that something so simple as a statement of love, gets so lost in the scuffle of pointless robotic behavior such as checking our email.

The only thing we have of any real value to offer friends and family is our love. Money, beauty, health and possessions fade, but love is eternal. There’s no big trick to all this. You don’t need an expensive life coach to learn some simple methods for getting this started. All you need are three little words: “I love you”. Some people are not use to saying this, especially males, but its no big deal. Start with ending family and friends phone conversation with “I love you”. At first it may feel uncomfortable and sort of fake or artificial. That’s OK, be clumsy with it, but do allow yourself the opportunity to unleash this universal force. After a few hundred conversations the words will flow easily from your heart to your lips. And what you will find is that many of those family and friends will return the gesture. Don’t worry about those who are unable to do so. They want to, but are not yet ready to cross that bridge. Remember they will never be able to cross that bridge if you don’t first build it for them. Be at peace knowing that you will leave this world with thoughts of love.


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