The Photon Connection

Trying to describe a photon is much like trying to describe the color blue.  Essentially a photon is the most elementary part of light that can behave as either a particle or a wave (1).   What you have to keep in mind is the duality aspect is not present at the same time.  It’s behavior is determined by the presence or absence of an observer (1a).  And what is fascinating is that life (your physical body) is a complex arrangement of photons (2) in constant communication (3).  So where is the ‘you’ (self awareness) in that amazing swirl of photons?   The concept that you are a being of light has an almost Disney like quality to it: points of light all shimmering around a beautiful forest glade.  Well its a nice picture but not even close to being a representation of your self awareness.  Light, like anything else in the 3rd dimension, is limited by the laws of the 3rd dimension. 

Your self awareness has no limits.  As an example even light takes time to traverse our galaxy.  Your self awareness takes no time to do anything…you think of something (such as the far end of the milky way) and you are fundamentally there.    You see, the fact is that you are already at the far end of the milky way as well as being in your home on planet earth while reading this article.  You don’t need to make a trip because there is no there. The space you think of as "there" is what you (we) perceive in the dream state of life. And you will embark (focus your awareness) on a dream state called death. Life and death are simply changes in the focus of your awareness. It is the game of eternal existence and there are no limits. The rules that we (you) made for this game are beyond our comprehension (and memory) in the dream state we call 3rd dimensional life. We planned it that way.





1. Particle or wave :

1a. Observer effect

2. Beings of light :

3. Photons

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