I really enjoy a play on words, however in the case of Paleoanthropology (1), its not play. It is in fact just plain old time fraud. But…but its science right? Of all the twisted con games played on humans the top of the list is the proselytizing of evolutionary theory as a scientific fact.

The concept that homo sapiens sapiens originated from species commonly referred to as apes is so entrenched in western society that it has taken on the mantle of scientific fact. The condition which makes a hypothesis a fact is that it is verifiable using the scientific method of observation and replication. The theory of evolution is simply not verifiable. It is a faith based belief that one species mutates into another species. What can be demonstrated in a laboratory setting is that different environmental conditions can produce differences in gene expression among “genetically identical organisms”. And some gene expressions can become vital to a species survival (natural selection); such as salt water Sticklebacks adapting to fresh water (2). However, there is no scientific experiment that has verified species mutation, such as a stickleback turning into a rainbow trout.

So why is this happening? Why the con game and who is doing it? For starters it gets a lot of support from people who see through the con games played by authorities of religion. The bottom line for both religion and paleoanthropology is money. In the case of paleoanthropology federal grants provide the lion’s share of funding. If you are going to get more federal grants you have to keep convincing the general public that your knowledge quest is actually based on science. And of course the evidence are the skulls dug up in remote regions of the world which have morphological similarities to modern homo sapiens sapiens skulls (skullduggery).

Even the fossil records do not support the imaginative schemes of Paleoanthropologists. As an example, the skulls found at Herto Ethiopia, Homo sapiens idaltu, are considered ancestors of homo sapiens sapiens. The name Idaltu means ‘first born’. A curious factor of the Herto skulls,BOU-VP-16/1 (4), is that the brain cases are actually larger than that of Homo sapiens sapiens. Brain case size and encephalization level has been used by archaeologists as a measure of potential intelligence over the course of evolution. Therefore it might be expected that the subspecies of homo sapiens sapiens would have a larger brain case than that of its predecessor homo sapiens idaltu and not a smaller one.
What happened? Did our brain cases get smaller? Yes they are smaller! Evolution theory claims we evolved to a greater intelligence from apes. If this were true than you would expect a continual increase in brain case size. But that is not what happened. After Idaltu the brain case size gets downsized which runs counter to the prediction expected by evolution theory. The case of shrinking brain size has been demonstrated by John Hawks (5),a professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Over the past 20,000 years the human brain case has shrunk by just under 10 percent.

“You may not want to hear this,” says cognitive scientist David Geary of the University of Missouri, “but I think the best explanation for the decline in our brain size is the idiocracy theory.” Geary is referring to the eponymous 2006 film by Mike Judge about an ordinary guy who becomes involved in a hibernation experiment at the dawn of the 21st century. When he wakes up 500 years later, he is easily the smartest person on the dumbed-down planet. “I think something a little bit like that happened to us,” Geary says. In other words, idiocracy is where we are now.
Are humans getting dumber? I doubt it, but we are really gullible. Put a price tag on something and we are sure to buy into it, whether it is paleoanthropology, religion or the latest spiritual fad.  Reference (


Are humans getting dumber? If you believe intelligence is directly related to brain capacity then the answer is ‘very likely”.  However, if you believe the brain is nothing more than a receiver (such as that described by Tesla) then the brain may simply be in a process of becoming more compact much like our technology has in the area of computer development.  Think about it….what the hell does size (capacity) mean in an infinite existence….answer: ‘not a damn thing’.


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