Limiting The Universe

My personal perception of the Universe (all that exists without exception) is that it is INFINITE. I accept that word for what it implies; no beginning and no end. As such it means to me that anything is possible and all conclusions are valid even if they contradict each other. What is obvious to me is that humans don’t really like the word. Aristotle believed that an unbounded concept of infinity would sort of muck up mathematics, therefore he suggested a potential infinite. Two thousand years later George Cantor thought Aristotle was simply twisting the word to suit his philosophy.

The concept of an unbounded universe (infinite) seems to stimulate some very testy emotional responses, especially from those involved in establishing hierarchies within spiritual realms. In 1600 Ad Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake, by the catholic church, for insisting that there was an infinite number of inhabited worlds.

Humans seem to prefer a belief in a linear form of existence, possibly because it fits with their beliefs on how ‘stuff ought to work’. And of course whatever it is they believe must be true for everyone. The end result is a sort of weird shackling of a prime creator’s potential for designing a system that allows all consciousnesses to have their own form of existence even if it contradicts someone else’s form of existence.

It is sort of nice to have a finite concept of space so we can all find the local grocery store….but its only a convenience while we prance around the illusion of the 3rd dimension. I can’t help but wonder if the prime creator laughs every time someone insists that their way is the only way.


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