S. Rocco Campanella. Ph.D.

The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness. {John Muir}

1994 to present:

I left professional life in 1994 and set out to discover what life was really about. My journey in an RV led me to some very strange and at times exhilarating experiences. I learned a lot about the frailty of human ethics and morality but I also learned that in the final analysis we really do create our own reality. I now spend much of my time oil painting and writing.

I have had a wonderful life, full of adventure and moments of glory. And my most productive legacy to the planet are my two beautiful children Andrew and Diana and my grandsons; Joshua and Matthew. And what have I learned ? Well the answer is very easy to understand. In all we do it is family that is most important.


Professional Perspective

Much of my direct service work was completed in rural areas, including the Navajo and Blackfoot reservations. My experience has taught me that no amount of grant money can 'fix' the socio-economic and mental health problems of the reservations, because much of the white man's effort to help is directed at eliminating the Native American Culture by a subtle and corrosive attitude that promotes apathy among the indigenous population. As an example, William P. Wilson, M.D, in his discussion about reservation life points out that "The most disturbing thing about my time on the Navajo Reservation is the fact that there are signs everywhere telling the Navajos to keep their traditions. This includes their native religion that is pure animism". Granted, Dr. Wilson is working directly from a Christian Ministry, but that same attitude of 'dismay' is pervasive throughout many of the professionals that work on the reservation. What creates many of the problems for the Native American living on a reservation is not their religion, but pure boredom: solve that and you have slain a real dragon.

Other Skills

Web Design: Web site development experience includes projects for businesses ( chocolate maker, professional horse trainer, new age store) and individuals.

Internet Broadcasting: I also have experience developing, producing, and hosting net radio talk shows with invited guests from a variety of disciplines related to current events, psychosocial interests and the paranormal.  Archives:   (note: my radio stage name was Nevyn). What a world radio

Research and Teaching

Academic Setting 1982 to 1994

Utah State University - Center for Persons with Disabilities

Title: Contractor

This work experience included Research and Development, grant writing, diagnostic developmental disabilities testing, educational research on Native American population, directing a placement program for juvenile delinquents, and development of a computer based program for assessing delinquency risk. Also worked as a consultant for an adoption agency in Ogden Utah. The work included two trips to El Salvador to evaluate orphanages.

Weber State College

Title: Off Campus Psychology Instructor

This position was serving as a part-time off campus instructor of psychology which included teaching Introduction to Psychology, Social and Personal Development and Study Skills.

Direct Services

Direct services was a far reaching part of my professional experience which included diagnostic testing, psychotherapy, community and school consultation, program administration and a multitude of court appearances as an expert witness including testimony in a mass murder trial in North Platte Nebraska. The most positive direct service experiences I have had came from the outreach work I did on the Navajo reservation while working for the Four Corners Mental Health Center.

Private Practice, Psychologist, 1981-1982

Great Falls Montana Mental Health Center, Psychologist, Great Falls, Montana 1976-1981, (no longer in operation)

Great Plains Mental Health Center, Psychologist, North Platte, Nebraska: 1975-76, (no longer in operation)

Four Corners Mental Health Center (435-637 2358), Psychologist, Price , Utah 1973-75

Warm Springs State Hospital (406 693-7000), Psychologist, Warm Springs, Montana: 1971-72

Blackfoot State Hospital (208 785-1200), Psychologist, Blackfoot, Idaho 1969-71

Clark County School District (702 799 5484), School Psychologist, Las Vegas Nevada 1968-69

Pocatello School District (208-232-3563), School Psychologist, Pocatello Idaho 1967-68



Utah State University - Bachelor of Science (Psychology) 1967

Utah State University - Master of Science (School Psychology) 1968

University of Montana - Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology: Developmental) 1974



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